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What is a desktop wallpaper? Imagine having the power to instantly change the color of your living room walls. Or to effortlessly fill them with images that reflect your mood: maybe one day a beach, another day an image of your favorite band. While it’s a pain to move furniture and hire painters or wallpaper hangers to change the walls of your home, you can easily customize the background screen of your computer to reflect your mood at any given moment. The desktop wallpaper which forms the background for your folders and documents is highly customizable; it can be a photo you took with your camera or phone, or a gorgeous picture you find on the Internet. These images will not in any way affect the speed of your computer, so find a great wallpaper and enjoy!

What is the point of a desktop wallpaper? It’s fun! A soothing image or a picture that triggers a happy memory can help make your work session go more smoothly. Or if you share a workspace with others, you may want your desktop wallpaper to broadcast something about your creativity or professionalism. While it’s not necessary to decorate your computer with a personalized wallpaper, it’s a way of visually expressing your unique personality.

Can I design desktop wallpapers? Yes! You do not need any special graphic-design skills. You only need to know how to save images as wallpaper on your computer and you’re set! You can change your wallpaper as often as you like. Some people prefer images, but if there’s an inspiring quote or phrase that you love, you can use that as well.

How do I turn an image into my desktop wallpaper? Turning any image into desktop wallpaper is a simple process. 1. Select a photograph from your personal collection or select an image you have downloaded to your computer from the Internet. 2. Right-click the image and select the option to set it as your background (or, on a Mac, go to system preferences and select “desktop/screensaver”). Then you will see options for screen resolution and filters, depending on what kind of computer you use. 3. Enjoy your beautiful new wallpaper!

If I share my screen in a Zoom meeting, will everyone see my wallpaper? Only if you opt to share your entire screen. Your best bet when screen-sharing is not to select “desktop” but instead to share a particular document or website.